AquaTap: The creator of the AquaTap Hot Tap Kits and the Ultimate Hot Tapping System.

Hard Work

Seeing the need for new and improved hot tap machines, our company created the AquaTap hot tap kits. Since 2003 we have sold thousands of hot tap machines throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, to companies such as Disneyland, NASA, the Pentagon, and many others.  


For an entire century hot tapping has been a time consuming, confusing, and challenging process. Our products bring modern technology to a century old process and allows for a safer and more time conserving method of hot tapping.


17 Years of Experience

We bring modern technology to a century old process.


Take a look at what some of the top industry professionals have to say about our products and services. You can become one of them!

Warren S Smith II

"The Aqua Tap system is by far the best hot tap unit that we have seen. All the tools are at hands reach and easy to use. No searching for the different size adapters as they are all in one spot. I would definitely recommend this product for any one that likes production and the job made easy."

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