Aqua Tap

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Introducing the most complete, modern, and efficient hot/wet tapping machines available today.
We offer three kits to choose from. Each performs hot taps underpressure on PVC, AC, Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, and all other steel water mains. 

Don't need the drill?  Want to add another part?  No problem!  We can customize any kit to meet your needs.  Just contact us.

Our standard kits are designed for underground use.  However, we offer a complete kit for contractors that work above ground!  This kit, AT-PRO-2 AG, comes with special cutters and coupon retaining pilot bits designed for tapping Sched. 40/80 steel, stainless steel, cast, copper, etc.  Call for more info.
About Us
Seeing the need for a new and improved hot tapping machine, our company created the Aquatap. Since 2003, we have sold thousands of kits throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. To companies such as Disneyland, NASA, and the Pentagon. For an entire century hot tapping has been a time consuming and challenging process. Our product brings modern technology to a century old system and allows for a safer and more time conserving method of hot/wet tapping.
Buyers Include:
  1. NASA
  2. Walt Disney
    Walt Disney
  3. The Pentagon
    The Pentagon
  4. Hoover Dam
    Hoover Dam
  5. Langley AFB
    Langley AFB
  6. FEMA