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Read carefully the following steps:

1. Take drill rod and attach pilot bit

     - 13” drill rod for ¾” and 1” taps

     - 18” drill rod for 1-1/2” and 2” taps

2. Attach desired valve adapter

3. Attach desired hole saw

4. Join unit to valve. (hand tighten only)

5. Attach Drill

6. Drill hole (keep drill setting at low speed and in drill position)

Coupon / Plug Ejecting:

1. Loosen set screws and remove pilot bit and hole saw

2. Attach hole saw to the Hex Ejector (6" long hex rod)

3. Tap on the end of the Hex Ejector with a solid surface

AquaTap Operating Manual

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AquaTap Tigger Cutters Info

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Product Instructions


Follow all instructions. Failure to do so may result in property damage and/or personal injury:


  • Aqua tap is only to be used for tapping water lines. (DO NOT tap into gas, oil, air, steam lines, etc.)

  • Do not tap water lines with pressure exceeding 120 psi

  • Always wear eye protection

  • Use Tiger cutters for all steel/metal taps  (Do not tap PVC with Tiger cutters)

  • Use carbide tipped hole saws for PVC and other non-steel/metal taps.  PE cutters also available

  • Start taps gently to allow pilot bit to start straight and centered.  (Excessive start pressure will flex the bit causing a delay in the tap)

  • Pilot bit allows water to enter and cool the cutter during the tapping process.  Tap lubricant is available if desired, though not needed (AT-AG)

  • Tighten down cap against O-rings firmly to grip rod. If kickback occurs, replace O-rings (7/8" x 5/8")

  • Water leaking through valve adapter is normal. This does not mean tap is complete Continue drilling until completely through the pipe wall

Before tapping PVC pipe:


  • Do not tap within 3 feet of ends of pipe, or closer than 18" of other taps

  • Avoid tapping a discolored pipe surface

  • Only tap pipe that has been installed according to pipe manufacture's recommendations

  • Install pipe saddle according to pipe manufacture's recommendations (DO NOT over tighten)

  • Know locations of existing main valves, if necessary to shut off water system

  • Have a quick exit (Ladder etc.)

  • Have another employee nearby

  • Remove as much air as possible from the water system being tapped

Important Tips


How It Works



How long has your company been manufacturing hot tap machines? 

  • Ever since 2003


What is hot tapping?


  • Water transmission and distribution companies need to make new connections to pipelines many times a year to expand or modify an existing water system. Historically, this has necessitated shutting down a portion of the system to make a new connection. This procedure, referred to as a shutdown, is very time consuming, costly, and inconvenient to the public.  Hot tapping is an alternative procedure that makes a new pipeline connection while the pipeline remains in service and flowing under pressure. The hot tap procedure involves attaching a branch connection and valve on the outside of an operating pipeline, and then cutting out the pipeline wall within the branch and removing the wall section through the valve. Hot tapping avoids expensive costs and disruption of service to customers. While hot tapping is not a new practice, recent design improvements have reduced the complications and have simplified the hot tapping process. Thousands of water transmission and distribution companies perform hot tap procedures on a daily basis. The payback period for utilizing hot tapping is often immediate.

What’s the difference between the hot tap machines you offer? 

  • Our Jr. Kit is designed for those that perform hot taps for ¾” and 1” service lines.  The K2 kit and the Pro2 kit both perform hot taps for ¾”, 1”, 1-1/2”, and 2” service lines.  However, the Pro2 kit comes with more valve adapters, heavy duty Tiger cutters, and a more powerful drill.  We recommend the K2 kit for those that hot tap mostly PVC pipes with some steel taps.  We recommend the Pro2 kit for those that hot tap mostly steel taps with some PVC taps. 


What types of pipes can your hot tap kits tap into?

  • All types of commonly used water lines from PVC, Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, AC, Copper, Carbon Steel, etc.


Can we make a hot tap into a steam line, sewer line, gas line, etc.?

  • Our hot tap machines are designed and customized specifically for the purpose of performing hot taps into water lines only.


Can we purchase your hot tap kits without the drill?

  • Yes, that option is available during the order process at AquaTap's Store


Is there a warranty on your hot tap machines?

  • Yes, all of our products have a full 1 year warranty.  The only exception are hole saws which wear down from normal use.


What is the soonest we can get our hot tap machine?

  • As early as tomorrow by Express Air.  Generally, Ground shipments take approximately 3-5 business days.

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